Friday, January 15, 2021

Chynna Chilton's Intro to the Bar None Group

photo © Mark Butkus 2015
Be it ever so humble...
They asked me to write
So I sat down and thought
Just what it might be
That they thought that they sought
There was a day when to write
You'd to chisel and scribe
It may've been easier
If old were my tribe
But this day to write
With paper and pencil's
Like advertising for gap
With a brush and some stencils
I thought of the roads
Some paved and some gravel
That I have been down
And have yet to travel
The lives with which I've woven
And the lives which have unraveled
The senses I've sensed
The time that I've timed
The seeds I have planted
The hills which I've climbed
All this got me to thinkin' way out of sorts
So I decided to turn in some spontaneous shorts...

— Chynna Chilton

Intro is a poem from the first Bar None Group anthology,  Bar None: An Anthology of Writing from the Costalegre, it appears here in a slightly different format. The author — Chynna Chilton — is one of the co-founders of the Bar None Group.

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