Saturday, August 1, 2020

On the Road: Craig Rusert and A Blues Song You May Know

photo © Mark Butkus 2017
Brothers hit the road and discover America in 2020.

Once upon a time in a land far way,
Our spaceship broke down and we couldn’t fly away.

With help from our friends and an Elote or two,
We began our journey and bid Raleigh adieu.

A historic time we knew it was,
Two brothers, two friends, traveling because…

With voices of tension and voices of resolve,
A pattern continued with distress to absolve…

As we embraced a Blue’s Song you may know,
It’s called America with a lot to show.

Yet in that melody called the road,
A flower blossomed in every abode.

This beauty with thorns gave hope and despair,
But to see one sided is just not fair.

This Blue’s song’s complex like a beating heart,
Quarantine enough and you’ll pray for it to start.

And while the news is heavy wherever you go,
From the Humid South to the Mountain Snow…

Every State is a different Mind,
From fixed and rigid, to open and kind.

And for those who see BLM and just don’t care,
You can see the live videos that for some it’s unfair…

How a man can be tortured to his death,
For the color of his skin, only wanting breath.

What more do you need to see how it’s traversed?
Perhaps you would see if the roles were reversed?…

Two ears and one mouth are enough to be reminded…
To do more listening before we’re all blinded.

So as the Political Climate feels like a levy,
We return to mountains and release what is heavy.

With fire and wood our intentions become clear,
To surrender one’s ego and release all fear.

From the aromatic pine and songs from the birds,
We reset our thinking and become mindful with our words.

For when our spaceship lands and we return to earth,
We are created anew with vision for rebirth…

To ask for guidance and walk what is true,
And to support those in need, as I AM YOU.

And for this I give thanks for reunion as we arrive,
And to always remember IT IS A GIFT TO BE ALIVE.

— Craig Hopkins Rusert

"Grateful that Robbie Rusert and I are back home in California for the summer. As we traveled from Coast to Coast we observed a full spectrum of voices of tension and resolve that felt like we were driving through a Blue’s Song that was blossoming into a panoply of flowers that were at once full of thorns, yet aromatic, awe-inspiring, and ultimately celebratory and liberating. I hope you enjoy this original poem I wrote about our journey. Thank you for reading and for all the support while we were traveling."

Along with being a traveler and poet, the California born and raised Craig Rusert is a film student at NYU. He will be familiar to our readers in Barra de Navidad, Mexico as a founding member of Bearslap — a band that kept us on the dance floor before his studies took him to new adventures. We thank Craig for allowing us to share A Blues Song You May Know with our readers.

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