Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Jeanne McGee Takes Us Through a Summer Storm

 photo © Mark Butkus 2019
"Ominous the clouds overhead trying to compete..."

The thunder in your voice precocious in the dawn
Mighty tower of white crashing down a frothy song
As sand shook beneath my shore planted feet
The rushing wave covered the beach like a sheet
Ominous the clouds overhead trying to complete
Steely grey mood marries horizon to sky and fierce sea
As shore birds dip and dive in momentary shadow fall
Their wings lift above the relentless roiling brawl
A flash of light as thunder answers thunders call
Closer the blackened smudge comes the summer storm
Quick my steps of retreat before the cold rain spills
My vision full of mother natures’ bilious thrills

— Jeanne McGee

Summer Storm by Jeanne McGee is not just a poem, it speaks to a way of life for year-round residents in our corner of the Costalegre. Jeanne has been actively involved in the Barra/Melaque art scene for 10 years beginning with the Dirty Dozen art group.

Jeanne also hosts her own art shows at her home in Villa Obregon and at her Galeria Amiga at the Centro De Arte Y Cultura (CENAC) where she sells her photographs and crafts of Mexico. Jeanne is also the author of two books of poetry — Transitions and Of My World. Books by local authors are available at Galeria Amiga from November-May.


  1. Thanks Marc for the opportunity to share some poetry here with this great group. Enjoy all!

    1. Jeanne, it is our pleasure! You always have a home, here at Bar None Group, to share your poetry with our readers.