Friday, January 10, 2020

Costalegre Book Fair Q&A with Kathrin Lake

The Happy Hammock is the quintessential Costalegre romp by Kathrin Lake. Kathrin is one of the authors at the Costalegre Book Fair in Melaque on January 27, 2020.

Kathrin Lake will discuss her latest book, The Happy Hammock at the first-ever Costalegre Book Fair on January 27, 2020. We caught up with Kathrin and asked her a few questions about her craft, her passion and her influences. This is what she had to say.

When did you realize that writing was your calling?

Eight years old. I made up plays, cast other kids, directed, acted and put on shows in my best friend's livingroom for their family. Also started cartooning and stapling books together about horses. My first poem was also about horses. I still have those.

Who were the authors you most admired growing up? Has that list changed much over the years?

Walter Farley, Agatha Christie, yes, it has changed a great deal. Tom Robbins, Marian Keyes, William Deverell, Annie Proulx, very diverse and still love Agatha Christie.

What was the moment that put pen to paper for your first/latest book?

Latest, still The Happy Hammock, technically it started as short stories of Mexico but our love story including love story of Barra and Melaque, and the story of our "casa" needed telling too and created a complete and humourous creative memoir in a sort of chick lit style.

Who or what inspires you? Do you have a muse?

Life in general. Everyone and everything is material.

What is the one book (that you didn't write) you would bring to a deserted island and why?

Jitterbug Perfume. I think it is Robbins best tale and I enjoy reading it.

Which three writers living or dead would you want to share an evening with?

Tom Robbins or Barbara Gowdy (alive), and Nora Ephron (dead)

What advice would you give an aspiring writer?

Pay attention to process, even over product. How do you do what you do well? What is your process for writing? Those are the questions you should be asking as a writer.
Kathrin Lake

Kathrin Lake began her writing career as an emerging playwright in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She has a Fine Arts degree in both theatre and film and has written award winning plays and screenplays before turning to writing books. She has been teaching writing and has been a writing coach for over twenty years.

Her most recent writing series is The Happy Hammock, her humorous and romantic story of living in Mexico, book two — The Happy Hammock Builds a House — is scheduled to be released January 2021. She is also famous for her well reviewed books on writing such as Writing with Cold Feet and The A to Zen of Writing. She also is writing murder mysteries, soon to be released, under a pseudonym. Get on Kathrin's email list for invites to the launch parties in the next year.

The Centro de Arte y Cultura (CENAC) Melaque is hosting the first-ever Costalegre Book Fair on Monday January 27, 2020. The afternoon-long event will be held at Las Cabanas #15 — the cafe at CENAC — from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

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