Monday, December 2, 2019

Liz Parkin Gets Personal with SELF

photo © Mark Butkus 2019
More fruit is the answer — make sangria!

Great expectations
Lead to Great disappointments
What in the Hell is the perfect mother anyway?
Is there a perfect child?
Prozacked, whacked, drooling in a corner
That IS someone’s child

I have seen the sadness on the streets
And more behind the stone walls
That are our houses, our prisons
I think I have a life, I make it so
So I don’t schlep off to work 9 - 5

Sheeple on the skytrain reading the Metro
Damn market is down again! Resist
Don’t fall to the temptation to join the herd
I’ve been herded before — it’s a bore
Life deals us lemons, we eat oranges and apples

More fruit is the answer — make sangria
Drown — go down into the pit, if we wish
I DON’T — I want to FLY — SOAR — again and again
I KNOW I can do better, but to get there?
There’s NO road map for this trip

I am content with my existence, cry little
Don’t LOOK at the shopping cart guy, crack addict
Hooker in the alley, it’s NOT me
I’m lucky, or am I?
I’m a self-made woman, MY FUTURE
Is in my hands

— Liz Parkin

Liz Parkin is a mother and grandmother extraordinaire. She is also an artist, writer, activist/shit-disturber, peacemaker, community volunteer, friend, dancer, survivor of domestic assault, Amazon warrior and fearless with the help of her friends. Liz writes poetry and paints acrylics of and in Barra de Navidad, Jalisco as well as on Vancouver Island in British Columbia where she has lived most of her life.

Her art and poetry appear in Last Call: Poems, Stories and Art from the Costalegre (2015). Liz has a joint art exhibition planned in the new year in Barra de Navidad.

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  1. This one really got to me!!! "What the hell is the perfect mother anyway???" You are so talented, sweetheart, and put my feelings into your words so often! Thanks, my angel!😘😘😘