Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Marwan Fateen is in Need of A Place

photo © Mark Butkus 2018
A place in Mexico overlooking the Sea of Cortez.

I need a place to call my own
a place to call my home
a place I could to run to
introduce my son to
Its amazing
its called peace of mind
you can have a piece of mine

I don’t love money
I love life
Life is wisdom
Without a price
Both from the streets
And from college
I’m a philosopher
The love of knowledge

I broke out those chains Consciousness
Enslaved to my ideology
My beliefs
There is a state of mind
Called kind
which we all can inhabit
A place once known to us all

Deep inside my mind
is blind
Pain inside
must leave behind

When we die
All of our material possessions
including our bodies
Will be left behind

— Marwan Fateen

We came across Marwan Fateen and his poetry at the same time on State Street in Chicago. Marwan was offering stapled photocopies of his poetry for donations. Five dollars later, the Bar None Group was in possession of a representative cross section of Marwan's poetry and the knowledge that another poet's work was shared within these pages.

A native of Chicago, Marwan Fateen is an, "artist, writer, poet and philosopher in all things." Marwan has published several independent publications since 2005, including: The Waste of Chicago; BLACK Newsletter; BLACK Magazine, and ignigma.

Marwan has also published a book of poems Parts of MAN: The Declaration of Truth, which was financed solely by distributing poems on the streets like, A Place.

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