Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Sailboat — a Poem by Stacy Rae Lake

photo © Stacy Rae Lake 2019
A sailboat's dream is to dream big.

An earth angel with cement wings and heavy feet
cries out far and deep inside for help

Her very core
now dry and alien

She is drifting lost with an ill fated humanity.

A washed up baby sea turtle appears center screen
Its upside down hoping, praying, to be turned right side up

But its sweet eyes are blinded by a blazing sun and the hard shell is back
breaking madness

The turtle succumbs to a seagull crunching her spirit in its sharp razor locked

With no escape.

Where is the survival factor?

Am I just another worn briefcase carried by a busy businessman
grim faced with sweaty palms

Stuck in a routine
hoping to be misplaced
left in a taxi bound for paradise and fresh air

When do I awaken? After I throw up mediocrity and wasteful habits?


Tonight I simply ask for a dream
and the wish is granted
I am on a spiritual sailboat
sailing higher than heaven

The main sail detaches from the mast

It turns fluid like a magic carpet

A silent voice calls me to ride it

I take off on this flimsy but incredibly strong sail
I am surfing it in mid air

With the current
in the current
full of current
its magical

It's at a speed that puts you in touch with your own truth
It stops time and is faster and more expanded than space

By far its the greatest ride

You have nothing to hold onto

Yet whats holds you is surrender

You are speed, balance and grace

Not like an amusement park ride that is just amusing

but an actual soul travel experience that is pure perception

Freedom is the real you
just dying for that passionate alignment with that Godlike invisible force

That gives you rebirth to your true self

The wind is now you

and it told you to buy a sailboat.

Three days later

This concrete Angel is a wild and wet flowing
mermaid Eagle

Part water

All heart

Sailing in an Ocean of bliss

Swimming in the here and now

Captain of her own sailboat

Master of her dreams

Welcoming all cosmic sea gypsies aboard

 — Stacy Rae Lake

An avid sailor and hiker, Stacy Rae Lake is the author of a children's book, Puffy the Cloud. Sailboat is the fifth poem by Stacy to be featured within these pages. We hope to showcase Stacy's spiritual poetry as a regular feature in the Bar None Group.


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