Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The G Suite Blues

photo © Mark Butkus 2011
Fifty shades of blue. Thirty-nine lines of  blues.

I've been building this site for many long years
A labor of love, of sweat and of tears
It's not a source of income
That's for those who are smart, not like me who are dumb
Every year I pay Google for my little domain
When they come a knockin' wanting pay for my name

Well every year around this time Google comes and takes my bread
It's usually a no-brainer, no sweat from my head
Except for those years when I need to update
The info on my credit card, the expiry date
and this gentle reader was one of those years
A lesson in frustration that drove me to tears

This was the year of the G Suite Blues
Emails would arrive from summer on down
Update your card or lose your name
So I'd hurry online and try to sign in
but try as I might I couldn't barge my way in
Email addresses or passwords were wrong
I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on

Descending into a circle of hell
One that Dante knew oh so well
I couldn't get in for the first months ending in er
My blood ran cold I started to shiver
How could this behemoth not need my cash?
I wanted to say fuck it but that would be rash

I had built up this site, had given it a name
If I started all over it wouldn't be the same
So I fired off notes to the big corporate jerk,
I need help with remittance, I'm going berserk
Months would pass before I got help
Someone, somewhere had heard of my yelp

They took over my site before I flew in a rage
They pointed me out to the lost f'n page
I updated the info from my credit card
Wondering why it was so very hard
This tale explains in some small part
The absence of poetry straight from the heart

You can blame it on google like me if you choose
We can all hum together the Google Suite Blues

— Mark Butkus

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