Sunday, December 16, 2018

Paintings of Inner Meanings by Martha Kaplan

artwork © estate of Martha Kaplan
Winter Bamboo Labyrinth.

___ ___        ___ ___ kun
Kun ____ ____    ____ ____
___ ___        ___ ___     earth    female
__________    __________        ______________
Li __ ___.    __________ ch'ien    heaven    male
____________    __________

— Martha Kaplan

Martha Kaplan was an artist and poet who pushed boundaries — in her pursuits in life and her pursuits in the arts. Paintings of Inner Meanings is from an forthcoming monograph entitled, The Creative Dragon: Poems and Art of Martha Kaplan. The artwork accompanying Paintings of Inner Meanings is also by Martha. Called, Winter Bamboo Labyrinth, the art seems apropos to the poem and of the season.

The Indianapolis Tribune Star wrote of Martha Kaplan that, “Kaplan’s bond with nature is romantic, evident in the poetic descriptions she uses to illuminate her work. Kaplan has taken moments of time to consider the possibility that nature is greater than us. The viewer is invited to listen to the messages that Kaplan is communicating through her art. If we take a moment for reflection, perhaps we can entertain the idea, if only for a moment, that greater and more important forces exist within our microcosm."

As for the artist herself, Martha said, "My biography is human, complex and mysterious, driven by my art and dreams; hinged on my fears and experiences in the temporal realm."

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