Thursday, December 13, 2018

For What it’s Worth by Stacy Lake

photo © Mark Butkus 2014
A small open boat.

For what it’s worth
There's valuable currency in words
Words that support you to cash in

In a real dream, more vivid than technicolor
A being made of multi colored seashells placed three gold coins in my open palm
I felt warm energy, and a sharper friendship with the unknown
Coins, gold and shiny with a smooth texture blended into me and complemented my light body
One coin was part of tiger’s eye, it screamed to notice me
But then I woke up and the puzzle of the dream left me
wondering and begging for clarity

My inner recall was on high alert now and
The Dream Master reminded me that we have the ability to rejoin and continue our dreams
I simply asked my Dream Master to guide me back to the arms of heightened perception
Hence, I enter the dream, intent on knowing the meaning of the three gold coins
I opened my third eye to the priceless awakening and
A telepathic voice then told me I must penetrate the tiger’s eye to gain a most precious gift

With courage I entered the dark tunnel of the tiger’s eye.
I was surprised to see fear and stammered in its density
The shadows continued to torment me as my anxious breath was just about gone
All I could do was surrender
To the feeling of caving in
Then a fluid whisper of a spreading gold alchemy engulfed me into its golden hue
For what it’s worth I felt higher than the sky and ecstasy seemed to free me from the karmic dross

I had faced myself and had walked through lifetimes of poisonous thoughts and self-created prisons
Somehow grace got me through the tiger’s eye
Now I was released as Soul into a profound yet subtle space
I found my true self suspended from eternity and as I looked down, I heard the cry of a tiny infant
Its innocent body curled up like a conch shell at the edge
of an expansive shoreline.

It was crying out for me to pick it up and draw it into my heart center
My invisible body hugged this familiar infant and I quenched its empty thirst with pure love and the flow of endless compassion
The cries turned into silent sound and merged with light as joy became knowing and knowing became the holy fire that purifies
And my inner child was healed. I was able to love myself.
A telepathic voice so gentle and kind told me that most dreams are about healing
I had just cashed in on the value of the gold coins
and won the lottery of balance, happiness and truth

As I wondered about the last gold coin, a huge confident lion appeared near the shore’s edge
slowly approaching me and my inner child which was now one and the same
The golden lion is the other coin. For only the strong get to enter heaven here now
What I experienced was a deep healing… healing comes from the strength to traverse the tiger’s eye.
Then a final dream appeared on my inner screen

Brave souls were in a small open boat in the middle of a vicious storm
The boat capsizes and gratitude swims to shore
I wake up to the sound of laughter,
A heart opening survival tool for Soul

Then my Dream Master spoke again and telepathically told me that
Singing the HU, the most ancient and sacred sound of God gave me all the strength to face the shadow side of myself and totally heal all wounds
Including the one deeper than the sea
The golden heart unlocks the treasure chest of love
For what it’s worth.

— Stacy Rae Lake

For What it’s Worth is the fourth poem this year by Stacy Rae Lake to be featured within these pages. We hope to showcase Stacy's spiritual poetry as a regular feature in the Bar None Group.


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