Friday, December 14, 2018

Autumn Is a Painted Lady

artwork © Lois Parker

Autumn is a painted lady,
Bacchus is her god:
Over hills, through forests shady,
In vermilion sandals shod,
She comes dancing, ever swirling,
Gaily on her way…
Now the west wind sends her whirling
Past the gorgeous disarray.

Boisterous west wind, full of whimsy,
Laughing at his fun,
Blows away the lady’s flimsy
Tinsel garments, one by one…
Leaves her standing naked, shivering,
Bare feet on bare clod,
Old and gnarled in shameful quivering
Before her mirth-racked god!

— Lois Parker

Lois Parker is the pseudonym of an artist from northern New Mexico. As autumn gives rise to winter which in turn gives rise to Christmas we are delighted to share this poem that first appeared on the Bar None Group Facebook page thanks to the efforts of our own Chynna Chilton.

Autumn Is a Painted Lady appears with the permission of the author. The accompanying image is also from the hands of the poet herself.

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