Thursday, October 11, 2018

For Lucas and Nathan and Nola

photo © Mark Butkus 2012
Boys on horseback in Mexico.

Baby goats licking the fence
A crab holding a Corona cap
Black iguana resting on a stack of tires
A globo with spines that would more than tickle you
Two parrots that don’t say, "Hola"
And a monkey dancing in a cage.

If you were here in Barra,
They would all be your amigos
And you would ride horses like the cowboy
Your great-great grandfather was once
Long ago in a Mexico
So far from you today.

— Teresa Puente

Teresa Puente is a Professor of Journalism at Long Beach State and writes about Hispanic issues at Chicanisima. She also encourages Latina women to write and publish their own stories in Latina Voices. Loteria, first appeared in Last Call: Poems, Stories and Art from the Costalegre.

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