Monday, May 21, 2018

Stacy Rae Lake is Something Current for Now

photo © Mark Butkus 2010
Now I am a boat resting at a dock.

When I looked down at the beach
My toes were made of crumbling sand
Each grain of sand spoke to me
offering significant steps to unfoldment

A big white crane majestic and shore footed
standing still and solid
stared and wondered at my human nonsense

A frayed seagull captures my attention
its tiny head is stuck in a crinkled bag of cheese doodles scrounging for that
last golden crumb
while robbed of flight and obsessed with a meager means of survival

I hear the crackling sound
that reminds me of distractions in movie theaters
where people eat their emotions
and stare at a screen as if the story is more real
than their own lives
heavy hearts laid down to rest and
the sand beats to the rhythm of home

Taking the scene in
Expanded me out
now I am a kite being guided by a child's whimsy
spirit moving me higher and higher
enjoying lightness freedom and happiness
why can't I stay up here

where decisions are cotton candy
and bills pay themselves

Help I am being yanked

Even though the thread is barely visible
I yell let me go  let me go
but this delicate string is small but a  tough reminder
I still have an Earth connection
and I don't want to get tangled in a tree

Now I am a boat
resting at a dock
where water floats my foundation
and the sound of lapping waves echoes calm in my being

No time has gone
and I see myself as the blue blue sky
being ok when the clouds are blocking my blueness
And I feel all things must be and
I let the wind blow then knock me over

Now I am an old fisherman
knee deep but dry in water
spending hours and hours catching nothing
contentment is nothing

I was everyone and everything
this dream taught me something
I am current
I live in the now
I am current
a spiritual river moving forward
I am current
God energy electrifies me
This is true currency

— Stacy Rae Lake

Something Current for Now was inspired by a scroll that Stacy Rae Lake read at a recent spiritual seminar in Minnesota. "The scroll has ancient wise masters on it," she began. "I asked one or all of them to impart their wisdom to me in a dream or however they wanted too. I woke up 3:00 am and felt energy soaring through my body. A spontaneous poem came to me (Something Current for Now). I could hardly go back to sleep the vibrations were almost too much."

"This is an intense lifetime for me," says Stacy. "I grew up in a dangerous area of New York. My mom was sick with Multiple Sclerosis. My family had many hardships but having deep experiences made me go inwardly and find out what my true mission in life is. The obstacles increased my well being and spiritual strength. Expressing myself though writing brings me joy, balance and relief."

Something Current for Now is the third poem in as many months by Stacy Rae Lake to be featured within these pages. We hope to showcase Stacy's spiritual poetry as a regular feature in the Bar None Group.


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