Friday, April 27, 2018

Stacy Rae Lake and the Glory of Transformation

"The miracle that you are is in everyone else."

If I wrote a poem about you it would be called Glory
The spiritual heart is bigger than form
Giant glowing arms reach out to embrace all states
And they grow colors and flowers on every inch of their earthy bodies
Energy as essence pours rain and tears
balancing joy and purification
It can wash the darkest city into bright vibrancy
Telling stories about truly living life

The miracle that you are is in everyone else
Glory knows no bounds it gives birth to a moment
And that moment is present in Glory itself

Go ahead dive deep into a rose
And fold its petals around you like warm inviting wings
The Holy fragrance welcomes you to mastership
In a classroom where words don't exist
But understanding is king

The glory comes in the giving
You are the butterfly that landed on you.

— Stacy Rae Lake

Glory arose from a meditation inspired by a scroll that Stacy Rae Lake read at a recent spiritual seminar in Minnesota. "This is an intense lifetime for me," she says. "I grew up in a dangerous area of New York. My mom was sick with Multiple Sclerosis. My family had many hardships but having deep experiences made me go inwardly and find out what my true mission in life is. The obstacles increased my well being and spiritual strength. Expressing myself though writing brings me joy, balance and relief."

Glory is the second poem in as many months by Stacy Rae Lake to be featured within these pages. We hope to showcase Stacy's spiritual poetry as a regular feature in the Bar None Group.


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