Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Revolution on Canvas: Poetry from the Indie Music Scene

photo © Mark Butkus 2017
This ship — S.S. Palo Alto — has a hole...

catching the grayest of blue skies when
love is just too big to know
straddling april's winter when the
heart is only half whole
for pouring myself into misguided streets
that I turn
and traffic will always be waiting for me to catch up,
to catch up,
to crash,
to burn,
oh exit, exit, she calls out my name
catching her breath on my memory stained
I remember a time when I traveled afloat
but my ship has a hole...
and it's only a matter of time that I know

— Jason Gleason

"This is poetry and prose straight from the biggest mouths and hearts in the independent music scene" reads a back cover blurb to Revolution on Canvas (Ad Astra Books). This 2004 volume of poetry from the indie music scene edited by Rich Balling had the stated intention that 50 percent of all profits would go to the National Center for Family Literacy. This untitled poem by Jason Gleason is one of three selections from the former Further Seems Forever frontman included in the anthology. Balling published a sequel in 2007 — Revolution on Canvas 2: Poetry From the Indie Music Scene.

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