Monday, March 5, 2018

Zanne Mack Turns Demons Into Butterflies

photo © Mark Butkus 2014
Release the butterflies!

My eyes, glazed over, sugar coated,
if you will,
to admire your beauty
But why don't YOU see?

I went to the audiologist.
She said I have only 40 percent of my hearing
But why dont YOU listen?

My nose, numb,
Protecting itself, for too long,
from the odor, of bullshit,
Can't YOU smell it?

My throat raw,
burned from mold, chemicals, & black tar
No longer has a voice
But why don't YOU say anything?

My heart, cold, exhausted,
In pain, and near empty,
My spirit and soul, all but gone,
But why cant YOU love?

Maybe we have more in common than you thought

— Zanne Mack

As we commemorate National Women's History Month, the Bar None Group will feature the women of Barra de Navidad and their contributions to poetry and art in the Costalegre region of Mexico. We begin with Zanne Mack, who was one of the first to embrace and contribute to the Bar None project. Her poetry has appeared in each of the three Bar None Group anthologies.

Zanne Mack is a talented musician from San Fransico. Along with her poems included here Zanne brings joy to us when she performs on stage, singing her own songs while evoking the ghosts of other talented souls.

With regards to her poem, Demons Into Butterflies, Zanne states that, "Oh I might brew for a moment, but Ive been very blessed, with a 101 ways to release my demons into butterflies."

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