Monday, March 19, 2018

Stacy Rae Lake and her Mystical Kauai

Do not throw pebbles into a pond without blessing them first...

Today her astounding beauty made me cry
I felt mesmerized with the wind and the promise of true movement forward
Sitting at my table now..
The Holy Ones...
Each of us a strong tree still growing
The Kahunas tell me to be true to myself
They say listen to the symphony of the swaying branches
They are guiding you home
An ancient one tells me not to throw pebbles into a pond without blessing them first
Hearing my pyramid of prayers
They hand me the reigns of a pure white horse

This beauty's name is compassion and together we journey
I sing from my heart Mahalo for life and chant the sacred sound of Hu
My third eye opens and I am shown a windmill on fire
These flames spin from my heart
My heart is on fire
This fire is my burning love of God

The Kahunas tell me I am an Eagle and to soar beyond the black cave people
Whose dark echoes can dismantle a rainbow
Whose trickery can bring down the best of spiritual warriors
These ascended masters remind me to sing Hu with love
And a white bearded one twists a golden key opening my heart
I am now a pure white swan
This swan is called patience
I am a virtue now
Floating in the bluest of blues
In the calm waters of the Ocean and love and mercy
I ask for no thing
And I am gifted with that

Feeling weightless and free
It is truly me
Practicing the presence
Listening to the call of soul

— Stacy Rae Lake

"This is an intense lifetime for me," states Stacy Rae Lake, the author of Mystical Kauai. "I grew up in a dangerous area of New York. My mom was sick with Multiple Sclerosis. My family had many hardships but having deep experiences made me go inwardly and find out what my true mission in life is. The obstacles increased my well being and spiritual strength. Expressing myself though writing brings me joy, balance and relief."

Mystical Kauai appears within these pages for your reading pleasure and with permission from the author. We hope to share more of Stacy's spiritual poetry in the near future.

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