Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Blanca Segura y la poesia de la Ceguera

photo © Mark Butkus 2009
Colgar de un hilo...hanging by a thread.

Colgar de un hilo,
como suspendida en el aire,
flotando impaciente
esperando que algo pase:
La vida,
los recuerdos,
un aire placentero aunque sea
o el futuro susurrándome al oído
que todo mejora y
que nada merita ser olvidado
ni las agonías tempestuosas,
ni la asfixiante incertidumbre,
ni muchos menos tú
que insiste en aferrarse a mi
con mano recia,
pero ciego
sin poder ver quién soy
sin poder avistar como el hilo se va quebrando,
y mi aguante rompiendo.

— Blanca Segura

We first met the Peruvian poet, Blanca Segura in 2014 and discussed the vibrancy of the poetry scene in Lima. She has graciously allowed us to share her poetry on this site over the years. Ceguera is a recent poem that should be included in an upcoming poetry book that Blanca would like to see published in the next year. The translation which appears below is not a literal translation of Ceguera but we hope that it reflects the heart and soul of Blanca's words in English.

Blanca's first volume of poetry, La Brutalidad de Los hechos was published in 2011. Her poetry also appears in the Grupo Parasomnia's 2013 anthology of poetry, Al otro lado del verso. Today, World Poetry Day, we feature the poetry of South America, the poetry of Peru  and, the poetry of Blanca Segura. ¡Viva la poesia!


Hanging by a thread,
Suspended in air,
Floating impatiently
Waiting for something to happen:
A familiar evening breeze
Or the future whispering in my ear
That everything will get better,
That nothing deserves to be forgotten
Not the heartache,
Not the uncertainty,
Not even you
Who insists on clinging to me
with a suffocating grip,
But blind
Unable to see who I am
Unable to see as the thread breaks,
and with it, my patience.

— Blanca Segura

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