Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Poetic Justice

Navigating the holiday season can be a challenge of will.

Drinking lots of alcohol
By choice and experimentation,
Lead to my future treatment,
To my exasperation.
Not the same for everyone,
People aren't uniform.
Sexuality in youth,
In some groups, even is the norm.
Can I really say I've changed?
Honesty is expected.
I am not a liar, now,
Debate as to other traits effected.
Developing skills for living,
Is the promise of most anonymous groups,
But the mind at certain times,
Feels like it's going in loops.
We are still expected to find our way,
Spiritual texts as our only map.
But fortunately, others can be counted on,
To guide us out of the trap,
Of perception and intuition--
We are taught that they have failed,
How did I get into this?
Appropriately asked of yourself when jailed.
Twelve steppers made mistakes in life,
That is not the issue,
How is it that they are happy now,
Needs handled and wants few?
But paradoxically,
we all give it away to keep it.
A solid concept hard to grasp,
We breathe calmly to let it seep in.
In the book, the point is one.
To grow fruitfully and flower,
To do this we connect to,
What's called a higher power,
By working steps and doing good,
The tables can be turned,
Including desperate hopelessness,
Look at what we have learned!
Introspective success we find,
On successful consummation.
Productive societal members we are;
We grow up to support the nation.
The psychic change has worked we find,
Now let's help other people,
It is the final step as well,
We are encouraged to keep it simple.

— Matthew L

When not developing ideas to grow our audience, Matthew is a web developer in Southern California who loves to code. Poetic Justice marks his first appearance within the pages of Bar None Group. We thank Matthew for his contribution and support.

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