Monday, December 25, 2017

On Christmas You Wrote A Poem for Christmas

photo © Eric Butkus 2017
A Christmas call and response by Teresa Puente and Mark Butkus.

Happy Christmas! Christmas wishes do come true. It's our fervent hope that your Christmas dreams come true today and stay true tomorrow.

And now, a poem, make it two.

On Christmas

On Christmas in Chicago
You asked me if I see Mary
I still do

On Christmas at the Christmas bar town
We missed the midnight mass at 10 p.m.
I still prayed

On Christmas in New York
We marvelled at the city lights
We still see magic

On Christmas in Ottawa
You wanted to skate but it was too warm
We ate nun farts and went to midnight mass
We still make do

On Christmas in Long Beach
We collected detritus after the rain
Oh what treasures we have found
We’re still looking

Eight Christmases
Five cities
Two lives
We are many merry things

—Teresa Puente

You Wrote A Poem of Christmas

You wrote the poem
I no longer have to write
You wrote of Christmas
Past and Present
of far away places
on beaches of sunshine
of places deep inside
shared only by you and I

You wrote a poem of Christmas
and the passage of time
and the one constant of the day
the enduring love of you and I
A girl named Teresa and
a boy named Mark
Who never found a present
he wanted under a tree
for the present he wants
comes always from your heart

You wrote a poem of Christmas
and that's all I need from you
I don't need bells and whistles
or a pair of socks
you gave me what I needed
when I needed it most
you gave me Christmas in a poem
Christmas from your heart

You wrote a poem of Christmas
I read it on the streets
the streets of Long Beach
Coming from there to here
Passing Christmas with
each and every house
twinkling to the season
Pausing once or twice
to wipe a tear or two
to be reminded of the season
to be reminded of my love for you

— Mark Butkus

The last time we heard from Teresa and Mark — together — was when they recited their wedding vows in Central Park on 11-11-11.

As with their wedding day photos, the picture above was taken by Eric Butkus, our son. Today he gets to share the joy of his first Christmas with his daughter, our granddaughter, Mya.

May there always be poetry in your home and in your heart. May you also have a Mya Papaya of your own to share that poetry with!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

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