Thursday, December 28, 2017

Blanca Segura y La Profundidad del Mar

photo © Mark Butkus 2015
Puesta del sol en Lima, Perú.

Me dicen que tú eres
quién le pondrá fin a esta era.
bañado en aguas saladas
reluciente ante mi,
empappado de esperanza
con ojos grandes,
inmensos como la cavidad en tu pecho
y la profundidad del mar;
te me acercaras cual brisa en enero,
estarás tan próximo que podrás verme
sin luz
y aún así me amarás,
me bautizaras en tus aguas calmas
y sólo ahí volveré a nacer,

— Blanca Segura

It has been said that to find the soul of a country you must seek out its poets. When the Bar None Group arrived in Peru in 2014 we put out a call for the poets — the soul — of Peru. Blanca Segura of the Grupo Parasomnia — a collective of poets from Lima — answered our call.

We interviewed Blanca back then about the vibrancy of the poetry scene in Lima and she has allowed us to share her poetry on this site over the years. La Profundidad del Mar is a recent poem that Blanca sent us when we realized that we missed her voice within the Bar None Group pages. The translation which appears below is not a literal translation of La Profundidad del Mar but we hope that it reflects the heart and soul of Blanca's words in English.

Blanca's first volume of poetry, La Brutalidad de Los hechos was published in 2011. Her poetry also appears in the Grupo Parasomnia's 2013 anthology of poetry, Al otro lado del verso.

The Depths of the Sea

They tell me you're the one
Who will put an end to my misery.
You will emerge
From the churning sea
Gleaming before me,
Dripping with hope
With eyes as big as your heaving chest,
As deep as the sea;
You will come to me on a January breeze,
So close that you can see me for who I am
And still love me,
Baptize me in your calm waters
I will be born again,

— Blanca Segura

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