Monday, November 20, 2017

Cheemah, Mother of the Spirit-Fire

photo © Mark Butkus 2015
Cheemah, Mother of the Spirit-Fire at Jack London Square in Oakland, California.

Cheemah is the bright and shining spirit
of our beautiful Mother Planet
and is within each and every human.
Cheemah is the spirit of life
and is all light on our Earth.

Cheemah is the loving symbol
of every human's right to celebrate their life
no matter their heritage, gender, nationality or religion.

In her hand, Cheemah carries the torch of Hope and Peace.
This radiant fire honors our Mother Earth
and unity amongst the many Peoples of our world.

In celebration of our twenty-first century
Cheemah, Mother of the Spirit-Fire
is dedicated to healing the differences
and pain of our World Family
and working together to heal
our relationship with our Precious Planet.

— Osprey Orielle Lake

"Cheemah, Mother of the Spirit-Fire is an eighteen-foot (5.5 meter) tall bronze monument dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity, world unity and care for the earth. Osprey Orielle Lake is the artist and founder of the International Cheemah Monument Project. Ms. Lake's vision is to place eight Cheemah monuments around the world to create an inspiring bridge between cultures. Three of the eight monuments have already been placed in Hamburg International Airport in Germany; Majorca, Spain and in the San Francisco Bay Area at Jack London Square." — The Cheemah Project

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