Wednesday, November 29, 2017

And So I Waver from the Pen of Tom Kauwling

What is a poet?
my granddaughter asked of me
with the energetic inquisitiveness and expectation
that only a seven-year-old can bring to the table
as she tries to probe the depths of life
from a grampa who should know because
he is eleven times her age.

This innocent child, or
was it her sister, or one of her cousins,
who embarked on her own career as a poet
when she modified the rote grocery clerk farewell of
Have a nice day to
Have a nice always.

No real answer to her question came
and so I said that I have a
very good friend named Mark
and he is a poet.
No, she countered,
I asked what is a poet?
not who is a poet?

And so i waver...

— Tom Kauwling

A retired marine biologist, Tom Kauwling, embarked on an epic motorcycle roadtrip in the 1960s. That trip took him and his bride from southeast Asia, through the Middle East and on into Europe. When he is not contemplating another epic roadtrip through China, Tom has deep, philosophical discussions with his granddaughters in Laguna Woods Village, California. And So I Waver marks Tom's first appearance within these pages.

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