Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Unquiet Bed of Dorothy Livesay

The woman I am
is not what you see
I'm not just bones
and crockery

the woman I am
knew love and hate
hating the chains
that parents make

longing that love
might set men free
yet hold them fast
in loyalty

the woman I am
is not what you see
move over love
make room for me

— Dorothy Livesay

On the day that Canada celebrates it's 150th birthday we feature the Canadian poet Dorothy Livesay (1909-1996). The Unquiet Bed is from the author's 1967 volume of poetry of the same name.

She was a founding member of the League of Canadian Poets and was twice honored with the Governor General’s award for poetry. First, in 1944 for her collection, Day and Night and again in 1947 for Poems for People. In 1987 she was made an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Today, the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize is awarded annually to the author of the best work of poetry in British Columbia.

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