Saturday, June 24, 2017

On the Road: A Morning Shave with Printer Bowler

A morning shave by campfire in Montana.

So many times I've told you!
What it is, and where and how.
I'd thought you'd learned by now.
Her and Him, grace and jim,
They come and go, are and aren't.
Did it matter... were they where?
Someone said and someone did.
Lots of times I went and hid.
Gazing through this lather, busy,
Thinking how nice it was
before I started thinking.

— Printer Bowler

Printer Bowler (1941-2014) wasn't born Printer Bowler but it is the only name that Larry Chester Bowler was known by ever since they inked his foot at birth and printed it onto his birth records. Morning Shave is from his 1994 collection of poetry, Spirit of Montana and other poems.

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