Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fred Wind's Last Day of School

with shouts of exuberance
bordering on the chaotic
they escape for the summer —
VACATION is here!!

i sit amidst the remnants
streamers dangling
popped balloons
melting ice cream dripping
chocolate on the floor
(where stanley sat of course)
spilled punch
M&Ms plain and peanut

i'm tired

and even as i close my eyes
i see
discarded papers
piles of books
crayon stubs
broken pencils

thank God it's over

— Fred Wind

First published in the Christian Educator's Journal, Last Day of School in included in the author's book of poetry, From Minutes to Decades: Poems (A Teacher's Perspective) published in 2005. As secretary of the faculty at Valley Christian Schools in Bellflower/Cerritos, California, Fred would attach original poems to the minutes of faculty meetings. It is these intimate, often humorous poems that form the basis of From Minutes to Decades: Poems (A Teacher's Perspective.) Last Day of School is a poem in five parts, only the first part of Fred's poem is reproduced here.

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