Sunday, June 18, 2017

For Mya Belle on the Day You Are Born

Mya Belle came into the world at 3:24 pm, her grandparents were in the Grand Canyon.

Your name is Mya Belle
Your skin is pink
And your hair is fair
You are the sum
Of many peoples
Of many souls
Of many creatures
In the land of the Navajo
You fly like a dove
Are as agile as a gecko
Alert as the desert rabbit
May the moon be as full
As the joy in your heart
May your dreams be as
Endless as the Arizona sky
May the stars in the heavens
Twinkle as a notion in your eyes
You are the mischievous wind
Enveloping us in love
Because above all else Mya Belle
You are love.

— Mark Butkus

Today, our first granddaughter, Mya Belle was born. We were driving from California to Canada to see Mya for the first time. Mya came early, on Fathers Day, we made it as far as the Grand Canyon when she entered this world.

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