Sunday, May 14, 2017

Quaint Sayings of Uncle Jeff: On Mothers

Uncle Jeff ruminated on thoughts and themes from sorrow to happiness at the turn of the last century. His niece, Iva, noted nine such sayings. As a young woman of 26 in 1929, Iva was determined to collect and write down the quaint sayings of her Uncle Jeff for posterity's sake. She wrote down his homespun adages within the pages of her second-hand copy of Three Centuries of American Poetry and Prose.

On Mother's Day we look at what Uncle Jeff had to say about mothers...

God needed himself an ally,
So He looked about for another
Who would work with Him
For the good of the world
And he picked out simply — a mother!

— Iva B. Core

A child of the heartland, Iva Beatrice Core (1903-1987) grew up and lived most of her life in Richland Center, Wisconsin. We will visit Iva and Uncle Jeff from time to time and reflect on a simpler time.

To date, we have shared Uncle Jeff's ruminations on: hope; sorrow; benevolence; regret; friends; happiness and; faith.

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