Monday, April 3, 2017

Donald Trump's Childhood Ode to Baseball

Will the reigning World Series Champion Chicago Cubs repeat in 2017?

Play ball! Another season of baseball is upon us and the New York Times has an interesting article about presidents throwing out the first pitch. What struck us the most was the last paragraph. That last paragraph is a poem to baseball by the 12-year-old Donald Trump.

I like to hear the crowd give cheers,
so loud and noisy to my ears,
When the score is 5-5
I feel like I could cry.
And when they get another run,
I feel like I could die.

— Donald Trump

While much has been made of his time on the golf course in the early days of his presidency it should be noted that Trump was the captain of his high school ball team and did own professional sports franchises, most notably the New Jersey Generals of the failed USFL.

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