Wednesday, April 5, 2017

An Elegy of Happenstance for Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg died today
and I was reading his poems
That was just the way the book unfolded
as my day unfolded otherwise

He was ranting He was raving
in his poetic ways
On and on, on poisoned lands
and money grubbing corporate hands
I wondered what he'd write today

Could he make heads or tails
of these interesting times
would he turn over in his grave
or just turn over in his bed
and say, not today

An excursion on a kayak
around Alamitos Bay
was planned today for tomorrow
while reading Ginsberg poems

Planned between the juggle of
time scheduling texts
with people who didn't know
that Allen Ginsberg died today

It was the elegy to Neal
that I paused upon
and wondered if that Mexican day
was on destiny's horizon

It seemed to be that time of year
this time of year but I was wrong
Neal was born and dead in February
and today was April 5

Allen Ginsberg died today and that
I should have known
nonetheless I read his words not knowing
wondering if Allen Ginsberg ever
kayaked around Alamitos Bay.

— Mark Butkus

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