Friday, March 10, 2017

The Second Nocturne of Mildred Hagg

Once hills I knew would lose their
    shape at night;
A moon would half tones of old
    ivory be;
Soft night sounds and half-uttered
    words diffuse
Identity — and hills — and soon —
    and me.

Why should a hill rise pointed, sharp
    and real
And moonlight be as white and cold as

— Mildred Haag

Second Nocturne is a Depression era poem by Mildred Hagg. Dated from July 26, 1934 it is one of many poems discovered in two literary journals that Mildred left behind. One journal is filled with poetry written between 1931-1941 and the other contains meditations and other writings in the appropriately named Scrapbook. Other than these two journals, nothing more has come to light about Mildred Hagg or her poetry.

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