Thursday, February 16, 2017

Brief Times Spent

The contemplative poet high atop Bear Lake.

A cool spring stroll
on Couchiching's shore
hesitantly welcomes you
back from Mexico's warmth.

Summer's heat
invites you
to the watery north
to glimpse the beauty
and lingering sadness
that lies among the whispering pines
and towering rocks of Bear. 
I am grateful
for your presence there.

As fall approaches
we stroll once more,
a cool night as before,
this time
on Simcoe's shore;
paths now dividing.

Brief times spent

— Amy Miller-Gourley

Amy Miller-Gourley is a writer living along the Simcoe shores in the Mariposa made famous by Stephen Leacock. While Brief Times Spent is Amy's first appearance within these pages as a writer she has previously appeared as a muse in the poem Sunset Amy. We look forward to seeing more of her poetry in the near future.

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