Saturday, December 17, 2016

Once Upon a Time at Christmas

She once made mulberry jam and cinnamon rolls,
She once rode horses and milked cows,
She once sang in the choir and planned Christmas programs,
She once taught school and played the piano at church,
Now she sits,
And waits,
For someone to wait on her,
She once cared for others,
Now others are paid to take care of her,
But still she feels,
And what she feels is as important now,
As it ever was,
As important as it is for anyone,
All she/we really have is how we feel.

— Marta Chilton

This tender poem from Dixon, New Mexico, was written after spending time in a nursing home. The author, Marta Chilton, describes herself as:

 Wrinkled old woman
Daughter, wife, mother, grandmother
   Looking at life from many sides

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