Monday, November 7, 2016

On the Road: A Garden of Poetry in Palm Springs

One day she woke up...

We came across this poem and painting at a catered event in Rancho Mirage, California. The harried server didn't know the origins of the poem or the painting but said that there was someone who did. He turned to ask, but that person was no longer there.

Research would need to be undertaken to discover the artist. The poet.

One Day She...

One day she woke up
and understood her heart
had been crying for more
than love, her heart
had been crying for
what was and what
wasn't...and for things
that should have been
forgotten long ago.

She put on her red dress
and stepped into the
garden outside her door...
Inside her heart... the
one she planted when she was a child.

Her tears no longer
watered things that were dead
they watered soft green
tender shoots of dreams and
visions remembered.

In the quiet softness of her
mind, in the quiet softness of her
heart she heard an
unmistakable thank you

— Marylou Falstreau

Research lead us to the website of the artist. The poet.

"Marylou Falstreau is an artist and creator of the Women and the Hourglass series of inspirational art for women. She has taken her own life experiences and turned them into fifty-two images that speak to the heart."

Full image of the art and poetry from Marylou Falstreau's "Women and the Hourglass" series.

Poem and art copyright 2010 M. Falstreau.

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