Wednesday, November 9, 2016

And Yet There It Is!

photo © Mark Butkus 2016
CONFIRMED: The sun rose again. November 9, 2016 Long Beach, California.

It is the morning after
the night before
and I had filled up my mug
with my favored brown elixir
to walk the block to the beach
in the predawn light
illuminated by the moon, the stars
the sodium lamps
to stand by the shore of the Pacific Ocean
to sip and wait
— a man and his mission.

Society's dispossessed
in shades of black, brown and white
congregate nearby
the hobos, the homeless, the clinically deranged
— choose your epithet —
they too stand, straddle or sit
or lean on misbegotten bicycles
oblivious to me and my concerns.

To them it is but another day
to begin just like this
just like yesterday
whether it was a republican
or a democrat who triumphed or failed.
Their lives had not changed.
Their lives would not change.
There was nothing to be had
there was nothing to be taken away.
Their wants and needs do not qualify
are not part of the equation
living on the fringe.

Their world is next to my world
and a thin line
separates the two.
In my world, I could see a glow
— Off in the distance —
over mountains whose name
I should know by now
but sadly don't.

There it is! I said and smiled
to no one but the orb itself.
The sun is rising
just as it had
and just as it always will
regardless of the world and the tumult
we think we live in.

— Mark Butkus

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