Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mexican Rendezvous

El jardin is a popular meeting place in Barra de Navidad.

Latina cuties stroll the square
Abuelitas trail close behind
Protecting from the bad boy's stare
Macho bad boys, you know the kind

Muchachos gather dreams all wet
Strumming guitarras, being cool
Is this the night they won't forget
These girls don't wear those clothes to school

Stiletto heels, a shiny gloss
Long smooth legs in a tiny skirt
Firm breasts escaping out of bras
Enough to make the Padre flirt

Awkward movements increase the heat
Laughter forces a friendly touch
Old ladies chat they take a seat
Afraid that they may see too much

Youth step alone, a soft embrace
Cuties giggle, wanting to play
Young love explores a warm soft place
Through their clothes, it's the only way

Discreet caress, a heated spot
Hiding from older prying eyes
The pueblo square is where it's taught
The ritual to gain the prize

Chaperones call the girls to part
The mating dance, for now, is through
Until next week, another chance
For a Mexican rendezvous

— Michael Osias

This is the time of year that people begin making plans for a Mexican rendezvous. One town in Mexico — Barra de Navidad — eagerly awaits it's seasonal influx of snowbirds who will leave winter behind. From Alaska to the Bay Area in California, to Ontario to the northeast, old friends will convene, raise toasts, share tall tales and feel the warmth and community in this seaside village south of Puerto Vallarta.

Michael Osias lives with his wife, Diane, outside Vancouver, British Columbia. They spend their winters in Barra de Navidad with a cast of quirky characters. Michael's short stories have been published in e-zines such as Youth Imagination and Fabula Argenta. His work also appears in anthologies Pandora’s Box and the forthcoming Creepy Collection, both published by Inkception. His poetry can be found in These Human Shores Volume 2, published by the International Poetry Fellowship.

This is Michael's first appearance within the pages of the Bar None Group website. We welcome Michael to our family of writers and expect to feature his poetry in the fourth installment of the Bar None Group anthologies tentatively scheduled for publication in winter 2017-2018.

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