Saturday, July 23, 2016

On The Road: Gordon Taylor and Regrets from Columbus, New Mexico

"Columbus was founded in 1891 as a U.S./Mexico border station but eventually coalesced around the railroad station three miles to the north in 1903. The area's history is tied to a March 9, 1916, raid on Columbus by Mexican revolutionary leader Francisco "Pancho" Villa. President Woodrow Wilson dispatched General John J. Pershing and 10,000 troops into Mexico to pursue Villa. This punitive expedition ultimately failed."

According to the aforementioned inscription on the Official Scenic Historic Marker for Columbus, New Mexico it would seem that the desert town's history knows a thing or two about regrets. Local poet and writer Gordon Taylor also writes of regrets.


I must be dreaming
Today, there is a beautiful woman staring into my eyes
Her smile mirrors the look of love in her eyes
Where did she come from?
Will she be there tomorrow?
I must be dreaming.

Push back the clock to yesterday,
Hold it there forever,
Let everything go back to the way it was,
To the good times and glory of yesterday,
I knew when I waved goodbye
That we were both letting go.
How can I push the time back to yesterday?

Fragments of love from a different time grab my attention,
Here is a reminder, there is another.
I remember the laughter and a few tears of joy,
A quaint look and a slow mischievous smile are in my dreams often.

My life cries out for them once more,
However, wishes won't make it so.

— Gordon Taylor

Gordon Taylor is retired from a large communications company. His creative juices started flowing when he assumed the position of writer, compiler, and editor of the company's regional newsletter for which he received many accolades. Gordon has been strongly motivated by positive feedback from others for his poems, short stories and flash fiction. Gordon also does wonderful photography of the desert surrounding his home.

We met Gordon — a member of the Deming Writing Group — outside the public library/bookstore in Columbus, New Mexico. The library also has a few of the anthologies that Gordon appears in on its shelves, notably, Naked Came the Javelina and Down Under Deming. Regrets appears here with the author's permission.

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