Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I Dream of Sushi

photo © Mark Butkus 2015
Words on a fortune cookie: You have the ability to sense and know higher truth.

It was at that moment
In the dull hours before the dawn
That I stirred from my sleep

The world beyond my window
was shrouded in a fog glowing orange
Illuminated by the lamppost
Standing at attention
To keep me and my neighbors
Safe from things that go bump in the night
On the south side of Chicago

My bedding was damp
I could feel that cool upon my throat
One hand ran through matted hair

Startled and confused,
I urged my heart to

I don't know if it was
The unmanageable days that preceded,
The imminent travels ahead
Or the Sushi indulged before bed
That lead you to my room tonight

But there you were
And I had to let you go
With tears in our respective eyes
I had to say goodbye
I had to move on now
To tomorrows — without you

It was at that moment
At that critical juncture
That I awoke
Unable to make that sacrifice.

You are still here
Still beating in my heart.
As always.
As forever.

— Mark Butkus

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