Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Dirty Sixth on Friday Night

photo © Mark Butkus 2015
It's all about the music at SXSW.
"I got no rock and roll lemon baby
Just got a nine to five lime
That will rim your glass
On Friday night"
            — Random lyric on the Dirty Sixth

Little Woodrow's hipster happy hour
To whet one's thirst
The Lux played Santana on G and bass
Two hands ask for Crazy Train

Ballast! Ballast!
Whole Paycheck for ten buck sides
As the sun begins to set on Austin
— south by southwest

The distant neon beckons
Here and There comes to life
One stop, two stop
Three beer, four

Looping back by The Tiniest Bar
It's grown and grown to half a block
Talking head grocery clerks
Crow in the shadow of Sam Bowie

Stepped on over to the other side
Keeping Pace with the Gilded Grits
and La Señora's tequila

Went back in time to
High school bump and grind
Struck out swinging
On over at The Bat

Picking up sticks
Chuggin' the Monkey
With Mojo Risin and an empty glass
The Dirty Sixth on Friday Night

 — Mark Butkus

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