Saturday, March 5, 2016

How Fast They Grow

photo © Mark Butkus 2008
Of children and the parents they become.

There are things I've learned along the way
That I will share with you

You'll find the strength of your tomorrows
Are in your yesterdays

In playing silly childhood games
and being taught outside of school

When you find that you are lost
Let it be in a thought or book

Remember that when you chase rainbows
That you yourself are the pot of gold

When you learn to spread your wings
Stay grounded to those who watch you soar

When winter brings the cold
Snuggle up to a heart that's warm

When the world beats you down
You've got to get up and dance

When you get up and go
Never forget that you have a home

That when I need to catch my breath
I think of love and you

And that when these words are read
You will know they are just for you.

— Mark Butkus

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