Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rate This Poem

photo © Mark Butkus 2011

Rate this poem on a scale of Mussolini to Trotsky
Rate this poem on a scale of cloud to trouser
Rate this poem on a scale you imagined loudly
in the moment you got up to use the toilet
before you realized you were lucid dreaming
and not really in your childhood apartment.
Rate this poem on a scale of Kenneth Goldsmith
to John Keats, who signed his letters; Junkets.

Rate this poem by no measure you imagined
and especially by no measure I suggested.
Rate this poem tenderly and slowly.
Rate this poem hard and fast and more please!
Rate this poem on meta-criticism —
Rate this poem or, you know, don't. Whatever.

— Nadia Vinogradova

Rate This Poem, otherwise an untitled piece of poetry, was part of a poetic installation, Poems on cotton paper, by Nadia Vinogradova.  Nadia's poetry was exhibited at Cobalt Art Studio in Chicago in the fall of 2015. We liked this piece so much, we bought it!

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