Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Vestige of the Moon as a White Spot

photo © Mark Butkus 2009

The earth smells exclusive tonight,
wind fills the trees and lanes,
a train passes further on — lightweight.
If only I could talk about the voices I hear,
they’re an invisible stream of your breath,
where the past is lost at my fingertips.
Miscellany rains with
feelings of someone who descends,
the cat’s shivering and
there’s coolness where I stand.
My heart beats slowly.
When tomorrow dawns
I’ll say I looked at the night.

— Pamela Sayers

An artist by profession, the poetry of Pamela Sayers is in part inspired by Mexico. Now living in Puebla, the former New Yorker teaches English while absorbing the local culture.

A Vestige of the Moon as a White Spot first appeared on her wordsandthoughtspjs poetry place and was submitted for the Sunday Whirl last autumn. It is reprinted here — on Pamela's birthday — with the author's permission.

One of Pamela's previous contributions to the Bar None site, Water, Wings and Alliterated Wishes sat atop our Hall of Fame for most of 2015 as the most read submission within the Bar None Group pages.

Happy birthday Pamela! When tomorrow dawns, I'll say that I was inspired by your poetry.

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