Sunday, November 22, 2015

Street Poetry of Chicago: The Void by Marwan Fateen

photo © Mark Butkus 2014

Trying to find what we once had
it's lost
felt good but it didn't last
it's gone
but you don't give up

It hurts
it's long gone
she moved on
she has a new man now
so carry on

Territory inhabited
because you abandoned it
your trash
his treasure
now live with it

Don't make the same mistakes twice
too many instances
no one can make you happy
it's a void

An illusion when you look outside
look within
for fulfillment
true love and appreciation
then you'll be able to give it
and receive it

Until then
you'll be miserable and paranoid
looking for someone else
to fill the void

— Marwan Fateen

We came across Marwan Fateen and his poetry at the same time on State Street in Chicago this past summer. Marwan was offering stapled photocopies of his poetry for donations. Five dollars later, the Bar None Group was in possession of a representative cross section of Marwan's poetry and the knowledge that another poet's work was soon to be shared within these pages.

A native of Chicago, Marwan Fateen is an, "artist, writer, poet and philosopher in all things." Marwan has published several independent publications since 2005, including: The Waste of Chicago; BLACK Newsletter; BLACK Magazine, and ignigma. He has also published a book of poems Parts of MAN: The Declaration of Truth, which was financed solely by distributing poems on the streets.

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