Sunday, October 11, 2015

Once Upon A Time

How I wish
That I was with you tonight
Heading into tomorrow

But today...
There are more than miles
That keep us far apart

It was a promise yesterday
Or a gift from Christmas past
That keeps me from your heart today

Will dreams come true
By the end of this week
Even if I refuse to sleep?

Can I will away the hours
Before I see you again
When we can sway once more?

Down Bourbon Street we'll pass
Lovers and drunkards and lovers of life
As your eyes dance their NOLA dance

Together again, once more
Before autumn turns to winter's cold
To feel your warmth dear heart

To grab hold of a dream
As I grab hold onto you
To never let you go again

Let's conspire to never again be apart
Where time and distance no longer matter
Because together it all stands still

The renewal of our tomorrows
Begins with a childhood line
Once upon a time...

— Mark Butkus