Sunday, August 2, 2015

In My Skin

photo © Mark Butkus 2015
How many masks do we wear on stage? How many in life?

It began with a pair of ice skates
Then a stroll outdoors
Before looking on in horror
Whilst holding a cup of joe

I walked past a mugging
Then ignored the victim
On a train in The Loop

Back to the ice
To cheer on some kids
Superfan they called me

Was at a swank nightclub in NYC
Before changing to go to lunch

I attended a wedding with firefighters
Shared drinks with the cops
And in a suit and tie was the FBI
Dissing Superheroes

Used as a human pylon I sat in every section at Comiskey Park
Even tough they don't call it that anymore
Cheering the new owner of the Sox as she made a mockery of the game

Saw cutting edge comedy
Before the blade was sharpened
And even went on a first date
After a tour with the National Guard

I've made trips in black and white
To another time an hour out of town
Healing a town after the zombie apocalypse
And networked with actors
Before the owner came home

When the seasons changed
I sat in court as a hiphop mogul was granted bail
I covered the event for network news
Was sent to a middle managers conference
But all I did was pace the halls

Today I'm at the airport
Dodging bullets
Destination unknown

— Mark Butkus

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