Friday, May 22, 2015

Separation: Spirit, Heart, Love

In the spirit
things heaped
upon fantasy of being.

No separation in heart and love,
in touch — love binds.

The world is becoming
smaller and inward
invest in the technology
of the heart,
a paradox
wall to wall
to understand
one another
improve life.

Rejoice — aspects rise on the ground.

At the root of the tree,
a shift in hearts –
the root of happiness
a change
sincere seeping
into thinking.

Millions of breaths,
subtle, what happiness looks like.

Little changes.

— Pamela Sayers

An artist by profession, Pamela Sayers poetry is in part inspired by Mexico. Now living in Puebla, the former New Yorker teaches English while absorbing the local culture.

Pamela was among 213 poets representing 43 states and 12 countries in The Found Poetry Review’s project PoMoSco (Poetry Month Scouts), working toward 30 found poetry merit badges. “These aren’t your childhood merit badges! PoMoSco participants had the chance to earn up to 30 badges in April by completing poetry challenges in five categories: remixing, erasure, out and about, conceptual and chance operations.”

Separation: Spirit, Heart, Love was one of the poems that Pamela wrote during NaPoMo for the PoMoSco challenge and first appeared on her wordsandthoughtspjs poetry place where you can read all of her contributions for PoMoSco. The source material for Separation: Spirit, Heart, Love was The Technology of the Heart a TED Talks discussion by His Holiness The Karmapa.

One of Pamela's previous contributions to the Bar None site, Water, Wings and Alliterated Wishes is atop our Hall of Fame as the most read submission within the Bar None Group pages.

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