Friday, April 24, 2015

Urban Nature

photo © Mark Butkus 2015
The poem as a movie or the movie as a poem?

Act I

No words need be spoken
Inhaling loudly,
She is mindful and content.
The only artifice here
A camera in her gear;
This instant in a frame
As wonders engulf her,
She claims.

I stand at the centre,
Swamped by
The tick of high heels and chatter.
Mindful and composed,
Left aghast
By the mass who walk past.
The right words come up
Binding my feelings to my art.

Act II

Smell the air
Both dig inspiration

Of worldly proportions
Our nature
Do not fit by definition.

Entering each other's realm,
We love to understand.

May this gap
Be bridged with time
For I am afraid

We do not rhyme.

— Nicole Bataclan

Nicole Bataclan is a poet living in Zurich, Switzerland. She is also available for freelance writing work and the author of her own blog — The Writings of Nicole Bataclan where Urban Nature first appeared. The Bar None Group thanks Nicole for her continued support — her poetry has appeared on our pages for the last five years — and we encourage our readers to visit her site.

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