Monday, April 20, 2015

Rug in My Bud

image © Mark Butkus
An ode to a certain plant on 4/20.

Sometimes life's flush, bud in my rug
Sometimes life sucks, rug in my bud

Sitting here not thinking in my carpet of green
4 legged friends...park's a crazy scene                                  
No bullies, no punks, it's a beautiful day                                                 
Sweet Mary, let me slip by, ‘til I'm safe in my cave

Sometimes life sucks, rug in my bud
Sometimes life' s flush, bud in my rug

Ridin’ the beast is a top buzz of mine
Groovin’ the curves helps me clear my mind
Expressin’ myself on my beloved ax                                 
Singin’ my songs, layin’ down tracks

Destruction, frustration, massaged away by the sea
Costalegre waits patiently
Blocks in my body, knots in my hair
I couldn't care less
Once I get there

— Zanne Mack

While Zanne Mack may have left her heart in San Francisco she now calls the Costalegre region of Mexico her home. A talented musician, Zanne sings her own compositions while evoking the ghosts of other musical souls when performing on stage in Puerto Vallarta as Honey Groover. Her poems have appeared in both Bar None Group anthologies. Rug in My Bud first appeared in Take Two: Another Anthology of English Writing from the Costalegre.

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