Friday, March 13, 2015

One and then Two

A one and a two
One and then two
Building blocks
Baby steps
Crawl before you walk
Walk before you run

Goo goo gaga
Mama Dada
Soon give way
to, No and Why?

Sing songs
Nursery rhymes
Clap and dance
Rise and shine

Don't be afraid
to walk under ladders
or cross paths
with a cat that is black

Flowers and rainbows
come in many a color
A rose can be orange
Tulips can be violet

You can have your cake
And can eat it too
Blow your horn
And blow out your candles
Since dreams can come true

So close your eyes and
Make a wish
and sing this song;
    A one and a two
    One and then two

— Mark Butkus

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