Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On the Road to Spring Break: Vagabondia

Vacation Time is nearing and the yen to get away
Is tugging at the heartstrings as we wait the coming day.
Just to take the car and trailer and go roaming here and there;
And sleep out in the open; and eat good country fare.
Riding in the sunshine 'neath a canopy of blue —
Why, heaven's window's open and God is smiling through.
Behind are all the worries out there just leafy trees,
With songs of birds, the flowers and humming of the bees.
When Autumn comes in color, and Winter shuts the door;
Still lies the happy memories, though Vagabondia's o'er.

— Minnie Moreland Dow

Probably written with regards to an upcoming summer vacation, Vagabondia is how we feel as we set out on a midnight spring break drive to Texas in search of someplace warmer than Chicago in February.

Not much light has been shed in our search for the author of Vagabondia — Minnie Moreland Dow. All that we could find of Minnie Moreland Dow was a mention in the Chicago Public Library archives and the following Freeport, Illinois newspaper account from February, 1948.

"Mrs. Dow is third vice president of The National League of American Pen Women, Inc., and is author of a book of poems, Listen, the Heart. She also has written plays and stories for her own dramatizations, and coached plays for various organizations. At present, she is writing her first novel Cross Country Holiday." — Freeport Journal-Standard

The Bar None Group has been unable in its online search efforts to learn more of Mrs. Dow's plays or whether her novel was ever published. Listen, the Heart — in which Vagabondia appears — was published in Chicago by Chester L. Evers in 1946.

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